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BMW has a rich tradition in motorsport, where a focus on appearance, aesthetics, and exceptional performance has always been deeply embedded in the DNA of the Bavarian automaker.

To perpetuate this unparalleled legacy and driving experience, BMW established BMW Motorsport GmbH in the early 1970s, which has since achieved remarkable success.

For more than 50 years, the prefix M has made the hearts of sports car enthusiasts beat faster. The letter - representative of motorsport - has meanwhile become a synonym for high-performance vehicles from Munich.

The raw material employed in the production of the new limited edition Sharknose model derives from the interior of the forerunner of the spectacular M line: the M635CSi.


The special edition is limited to 499 units and will be available online from February 26th from 11 a.m. PST, 2 p.m. EST.

A real eye-catcher

It is an absolute showstopper: vividly hued decorative stitching adorns the lotus white BMW leather interior, offering a bold juxtaposition that evokes the distinctive colors of the M division. The striking racing perforations underscore the robust motorsport aesthetic, enhancing the overall effect.

The watch band serves as a veritable statement piece, epitomizing the ardent devotion to automotive design and engineering, while also symbolizing a deep reverence for the unique qualities that define BMW M.

The colors of motorsport

Blue, violet and red: the striking color scheme of BMW's sporty sub-brand M has always graced vehicles on and off the race track.

Many myths surround the significance of these colors: it is conceivable that the blue hue represents the parent company BMW, while the red component of the palette might symbolize the motorsports sponsor Texaco - though this theory is disputed. BMW M offers a more pragmatic explanation: "Blue represents the BMW brand, red represents motorsport, and violet embodies this unique connection."

Violet no longer exists within the current M emblem, having given way to a deep navy blue in the wake of a design evolution.

The most powerful letter in the World

It is often claimed that M is the most powerful letter in the world - and who could argue with that?

For over 50 years, BMW's M division has been a driving force in the automotive industry, renowned for producing high-performance sports cars that have become a staple of the premium segment.

After spending its early years exclusively on the racetrack, the BMW M brand debuted its first genuine M series vehicle in 1984: the BMW M635CSi with 286 horsepower, the most potent representative of the then-new 6 series.

By enthusiasts, for enthusiasts

The early 1980s marked a significant turning point for BMW, as the BMW Motorsport division made the thrill of racing accessible to all.

With the introduction of M versions of established model lines, the Munich-based automaker laid the groundwork for a family of affordable sports cars, boasting a passionate international fanbase.

With the special edition Sharknose, you are acquiring a piece of this breathtaking legend: a historical artifact and a part of the foundation of a long-standing success story.

The watch band will be available online starting on Sunday, February 26th, 2023, at 11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST. As in the past, the edition will also be available for purchase at our Munich store on February 25th.

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A special thanks goes to the Oldtimer Resort Dasing, which served as a shooting location for this special edition. The resort offers sophisticated sports car and classic car owners parking spaces and services at the highest level.