How we make our Vintage Car Special Editions

The source of our special leather lies in Eching near Munich. Here in the BP Autosattlerei, new life is breathed into the vehicles with much craftsmanship and attention to detail.


The Workshop

The saddlery workshop is actually much more than just a craft business. Forget West Coast Customs, forget Orange County Choppers. This is a museum. Just for the many collectibles, this place is worth a visit.

Right at the entrance one is greeted by a life-size Lara Croft and everywhere else you will find props like from an old Hollywood movie. Our view gazes over some of the rarest and most luxurious classic cars that we have ever seen. We are regularly in the saddlery and are surprised every single time by new magnificent vehicles.

At the far end of the workshop is a glass case: the head office, the control center. Here reigns coolest vehicle specialist in Germany.


Boris Pankiewicz is the owner of the workshop and basically Clint Eastwood in his own Hollywood studio.



Aside from his Dirty Harry charisma, Boris is also a walking encyclopedia for all sorts of classic car models and, of course, an outstanding craftsman. Among other things, he is appreciated for his extraordinary work by BMW Classic, for whom he frequently restores vehicles.

We talked to Boris about his job.

BandWerk: How did you get into car upholstery and what kind of value does this job hold for you.
Boris: Originally, I completed an apprenticeship as an interior decorator and then came to auto-saddlery through my love for vintage cars. With the establishment of my own company, I have fulfilled a great dream.
BandWerk:  What do you like about collaborating with BandWerk?
Boris: It’s nice to see how you guys breathe life into these vintage leathers. Many vehicles have a long, interesting history that continues to be told by your straps.
BandWerk:  We’re happy to hear that! Which one of our special editions has been your favorite so far?
Boris: I personally liked the M1 Monaco Edition best. The contrast of the black leather and red stitching really appealed with me.
BandWerk:  Great choice – Thank you!


Boris then shows us some projects he is currently working on and which leather of past projects he has reserved for us. After all, we can always rely on one thing: Boris regularly stocks exciting new vintage leathers for us.

The Leather

Which leather we get at the end always depends on what Boris has to offer – and of course on the condition of it.

Instead of destroying the old leather, Boris leaves us some of the material to up-cycle it. Depending on which leather parts are still usable, we get larger and smaller leather parts which are still excellent for further processing. Often, leather-covered fittings and the side and back seats are still very well preserved.

Whether a leather is well suited for strap production, is usually tested on site. Sometimes the leather is too porous or the pieces are too small to make straps out of it. Mostly we do find a few raw diamonds, however.

Leather Testing

If everything works out, we present a brand new special edition a couple of weeks later.

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