Zurich Collection

The Zurich collection is the only one of our lines that is not named after a capital city and therefore fits perfectly into the concept, since it includes a large selection of exotic types of leather.
Here you can find Apple Watch Bands made of Ostrich, Alligator, Cordovan and Tegu leather. We obtain the exclusive Cordovan leather from the Horween tannery in Chicago, for example. See less
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Zurich | Ostrich | Brown
Zurich | Cordovan | Dark Brown
Zurich | Ostrich | Blue
Zurich | Alligator | Black
Zurich | Cordovan | Light Brown
Zurich | Alligator | Brown
Zurich | Cordovan | Black
Zurich | Tegu | Dark Brown
Zurich | Tegu | Tan
Zurich | Cordovan | Red
Zurich | Tegu | Black
Zurich | Cordovan | Blue
Zurich | Tegu | Blue
Zurich | Tegu | Green
Zurich | Cordovan | Green