The perfect upgrade: A folding clasp for your Apple Watch band

It was only until early November at BandWerk that we were able to introduce our new pin clasp which were designed to match the Apple Watch color wise. We now decided to add a pair of matching butterfly clasps. The butterfly clasps are extremely sturdy and yet slim and comfortable to wear.

What are the advantages of a butterfly clasp

The first advantage is obvious: once you adjust the clasp at the appropriate length, you can then wear your watchstrap much faster and more comfortable than before.

In addition, the leather is preserved because it is hardly strained when closing the watchstrap, which is very useful for its lifespan.

What types of butterfly clasps are available

We use the so-called butterfly or double-fold clasps for our watchstraps. These are particularly comfortable to wear. In contrast to this, there are also so-called single-fold clasps which can only be opened in one direction.

The advantage of butterfly clasps which can be flipped opened in two directions and folded on two hinges is the more compact form and a better fit. Initially, the friction-free closing requires a little practice.

Of course, you will also get your butterfly clasp in a color that matches your Apple Watch or Apple Watch Sport.

In the product view, simply select the checkbox with the Butterfly Clasp to configure your watchstrap accordingly.

Would you like to retrofit your watchstrap with a Butterfly-Clasp?

As always, for all customers who already own an Apple Watch strap from BandWerk and would like to retrofit it: please do not hesitate to contact us by email, via WhatsApp or by phone and we will take care of the appropriate clasp for your watchstrap.

4 thoughts on “The perfect upgrade: A folding clasp for your Apple Watch band

    • says:

      Hi Chris,

      there is lever mechanism on the bottom of the clasp, you just need to put your fingernail under the rounded part of the clasp on the bottom, where the holes are and the pull up.
      Let us know at if you need any help. We’re happy to support you with this.

      Kind regards


  1. Josh says:

    Hello I have been looking for a leather band with a butterfly clasp and can not find one I like . How do I go about purchasing one ?

    • says:

      Hi Josh,
      sorry for the inconvenience. Every band is available to be purchased in connection with a butterfly clasp.
      Please just check the checkbox “with butterfly clasp” after choosing the size and style of your Apple Watch.
      You will then receive a band with a butterfly clasp.
      Hope I could help,

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