This is how we make a custom MagSafe Wallet

The story of this MagSafe wallet begins in 1792 with the founding of the Maison Martin, a manufacturer of suitcases and boxes that also offered the packaging of high-quality garments and furniture as a service. The shop, which quickly made a name for itself in Parisian aristocracy, eventually changed its brand name to Maison Goyard, by which it is still known today.

Similar to other historic Parisian malletiers, i.e. chest manufacturers such as Louis Vuitton and Moynat, Goyard's core business today is more in the area of ​​luxury leather accessories, especially handbags.

Unlike most other French luxury manufacturers, however, Goyard has remained true to its traditional line: the Maison still has no online shop, products can only be purchased in one of the 29 boutiques worldwide. A decision that ensures exceptional exclusivity.

The Savoir-faire

Traditional leather processing and a lot of love for extraordinary and high-quality craftsmanship are not only an important cornerstone of the Maison Goyard. We'd be lying if we said our brand presentation wasn't inspired in a small way by said French Malletier - or to put it briefly: we at BandWerk are big Goyard fans.

With regard to the traditional orientation of the house of Goyard, the product portfolio is also kept relatively narrow. In addition to a selection of handbags and small leather accessories, you won't find any tech accessories here. iPhone cases or bands for the Apple Watch tend not to fit into the product range of the Parisian leather manufacturer.

For example, a MagSafe wallet made from Goyardine - Goyard's signature canvas fabric - would be a truly unique eye-catcher. After all, it is the pattern on the coated fabric made of linen and cotton that gives these leather goods a unique recognition value.

Maybe it was a whim born after a few cocktails on summer vacation or just an urgent desire to work with the fabled Goyardine, we can't remember exactly.

What we do know is that we wanted to turn a Goyard product into a MagSafe wallet; as a tribute to the House of Goyard and to create a unique product that may be missing from the Parisian Malletiers portfolio.

The Production

The first step was probably the hardest: A first-class Goyard passport case has to be dismantled into its individual parts.

First, the seam that connects the soft calfskin on the inside with the Goyardine fabric on the outside of the case is opened. The materials are carefully glued together, but can be separated from one another with careful and even pulling.

After the components have been cut to size, the individual parts are sewn together. In addition to the material from the passport case, we use a strong MagSafe magnet and a thin metal plate that will later protect the magnetic strips on credit cards.

In the last step, the edges are sealed several times with edge paint and sanded down.

Daniel (Leather artisan)

"In order to create an even and high-quality stitch pattern, the wallet is of course sewn by hand."

Daniel (Leather artisan)

"In order to create an even and high-quality stitch pattern, the wallet is of course sewn by hand."

Win the Unique Piece

Our film about this project provides an insight into the labor-intensive production process of the wallet.

The wallet is and will remain a one-off in this form and cannot be purchased from us. Instead, you have the opportunity to win the unique item by entering our Instagram raffle.

The requirements for participation are quickly met: simply follow us on our Instagram page and click on "Like" on our first pinned post. If you leave a friendly comment, you can increase your chances of winning.

The closing date for entries is September 16th, the winner will be drawn on September 17th, 2022.