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The idea to offer luxurious leather straps for the Apple Watch was born shortly after it’s market launch. Fascinated by the new potential that Apple’s smart watch offers and excited by the possibility of changing straps in seconds, we got to work in order to offer an alternative that should satisfy both watch enthusiasts and technology fans.

Our aspiration: leather bands of the highest quality at a fair price

Apple has opened new roads with their Watch, influencing not only the way we communicate, but also our style.
The innovative adapter mechanism of the Apple Watch straps allows you to quickly and easily change the band without having to go to a specialist.
BandWerk gives you the opportunity to express your style with classic watch straps made in Germany.
In order to offer you the highest quality, we have our premium bands manufactured by a renowned manufacturer in Germany.

Why not discover the benefits for yourself. Order your desired product today.


The Technology-Geek

Hey there!

I’m Vincent, aged 25, from Munich. When I’m not sitting in the office, I find myself either in a lecture hall of the LMU Munich where I am currently studying Geophysics or somewhere in a pool. Although I no longer have much time for swimming, I still enjoy and share my passion as a swimming coach once a week.

Of course my Apple Watch is always there with me! I currently use both an Apple Watch Series 2 stainless steel version as well as a first-generation Apple Watch Sport in Space Gray. I particularly like to wear the midnight blue leather strap while our water resistant Carbon black band accompanies me during my swim.

At BandWerk, I am responsible for the online presence, taking care of the design of our watchstraps and coordinating the business operations. I also do the last quality control before shipping the watchstraps. So if something does not fit, at least you know who screwed up. You can personally reach me in such a case via vincent.wronski@bandwerk.de. Otherwise, I am also happy to receive positive feedback and am always open to your suggestions and ideas.


I am Jonas, aged 25, also from Munich and I am studying International Management at the ISM. In my spare time I like to play tennis or golf, both sports, where my Apple Watch cannot be missed. My app recommendations for golfers are Golfshot, Golf GPS and Hole 19. When playing tennis, I often use Tennis Watch.

I use the space black version of the Apple Watch Series 2. My favourite watch straps are both the ostrich leather band that I can wear on different occasions and the synthetics Nylon Mesh variant which I like to use during sports.

Here at BandWerk, I primarily deal with customer communication and work closely and intensively with our suppliers in order to guarantee a perfect product. If you feel that your order did not arrive on time, please contact me. You can reach me by e-mail at jonas.burgmann@bandwerk.de or simply call us. You will most likely speak to me. We are looking forward to hear from you!

The Charmer

The Craftsman


I am Kevin, 25, and have my roots in Slovakia. In order to clear my mind off work, I like to be active by doing boxing, or I go – if I find enough time – on longer trips.

Privately I wear an Apple Watch Aluminum in Silver. Matching this I wear either the Lamb | Ochre Brown, or – for working out – a waterproof leather strap.

At BandWerk I work as a production and dispatch manager. Therefore, every strap that is sent out by us has definitely gone through my hands before.
If you have any questions or comments about my work, you can contact me at kevin.fekete@bandwerk.de.