From Mercedes-Benz O 321 H Interior

T he World Cup goes to Germany! 1954 was not only the year when the German national football team unexpectedly clinched the World Cup title (hint: that's Weltmeister in German), bringing new optimism to the post-war plagued country; it was also the year when Mercedes-Benz created another world champion with its O 321 H bus. This bus quickly became a global bestseller and evolved into the most sold model of its time.

With our special edition, we celebrate this double world champion spirit that made history both on the football field and on the streets.

Discover the limited Weltmeister Edition made from the original interior of a Mercedes-Benz O321 H.

The watch bands are limited to 899 units and available now!

Full Restoration

The Chronicle

The fate of the Mercedes-Benz O 321 H, an extraordinary testament to German engineering and travel culture, is as fascinating as its rebirth. Originally equipped in 1962 with a 110 HP engine of type OM 321, its journey began in the hands of renowned coachbuilder Ernst Auwärter in Stuttgart, where it was transformed into a touring coach for the bus company Johann Schornstheimer from Bodenheim. During the construction phase, the bus underwent a significant modification at the customer's request: the replacement of its engine with a more powerful model, the OM 322 with 126 HP.

For nearly two decades, the bus faithfully served its purpose until it disappeared from the roads in 1978 and found a new resting place in the hands of bus collector Helmuth Radlmeier in Ergoldsbach. There, he carefully preserved it until Rainhard Kainzmaier, a restorer from Upper Bavaria, took it into his care in 2016.

With the vision of restoring the glory of bygone days, Kainzmaier embarked on a loving restoration. In the course of this work, the bus underwent further modernization: an engine swap to the OM 366 with 175 HP and the retrofitting of power steering. The completion of this project is scheduled for this summer.

Kindly, Mr. Rainhard Kainzmaier gave us the opportunity to revive the original interior leather of this historical vehicle and incorporate it into our special edition.

One Chassis, Countless Variations

The Model Variety

Mercedes often supplied only the robust chassis, leaving the transformation into the actual bus to specialists who tailored their clients' wishes into reality.

Ernst Auwärter became renowned for crafting exceptional travel coach bodies for the O 321 H, far surpassing the limits of standard models. This practice allowed for an impressive variety in the usage of the O 321 H: from travel coaches with comfortable fittings to everyday line buses that connected cities and communities.

Entering the 1960s, the O 321 H underwent a design evolution – its rounded shapes increasingly gave way to more angular designs, a reflection of constant change and adaptation to the zeitgeist and aesthetic preferences of the era.

This remarkable adaptability and the outstanding quality of the O 321 H paved the way for its global success. Mercedes-Benz buses, individually customized by master workshops like Ernst Auwärter, made their way to numerous countries around the globe, where they were appreciated as reliable, elegant means of transportation and still hold a solid place in the history of international bus manufacturing today.

For those interested in delving deeper into the story of this exceptional bus, there is a documentary available on the project. Please note, the film is in German.

Watch it here

Design Inspiration

The Watch Band

After the old seat covers of the Mercedes-Benz O 321 H were carefully removed by master upholsterer Peter Weber and replaced with new material in a fresh design, we were given the opportunity to give this interior leather a new lease of life.

While the backrest was made of cotton fabric, we discovered grey leather in the side parts of the seats that, after thorough cleaning, was still in excellent condition for use.

The result: 899 unique watch bands that capture not only the spirit but also the aesthetics of the extraordinary bus from 1962.

The blue stitching and cream-colored edge paint reflect the original color scheme of the vehicle as it was delivered in the 1960s, embodying the legacy of a vehicle that traveled the world and now, in a new form, continues its journey on your wrist.

With 899 exclusive pieces that incorporate the grey leather of the seats and the original color scheme of the historic bus, we offer you not just an accessory, but a piece of history. This special edition bridges the past and the present in a unique design.

Available now!