Special Edition


Facel Vega – a name that once captured the hearts of the elite. In the golden era of the 50s and 60s, it was the select few icons like Ringo Starr, Stirling Moss, and other luminaries of the time who could claim such a vehicle as their own.

A brief, yet illustrious chapter in automotive history, where French luxury and grand touring panache merged in perfection.

In 1964, the chapter of Facel Vega came to a close when the French car manufacturer had to shut its doors. Now, from the interior of the rare Facel III, which left the factory in its final year of production, a limited collection of watchbands is being created.


Discover the Special Edition Vega, limited to 219 units.

Sales start on Sunday, November 19th, at 2 PM ET/11 AM PT.

Facel Vega

In 1939, a former Citroën designer and aircraft manufacturer named Jean Daninos founded the metal construction company Facel S.A. just outside of Paris.

After the war, the company initially specialized in bodies for other car manufacturers, before creating its first independent vehicle under the name Vega. This vehicle, the luxurious Facel Vega FV, featured an American V8 engine and an aircraft-cockpit-like interior.

The handcrafted coupés and convertibles quickly became the epitome of elegance and performance, loved by celebrities and nobility.

In an effort to compete in the attractive market for lightweight sports cars, Daninos' team developed the Facellia model a few years later, aiming to rival brands like Alfa Romeo and Porsche – a significant misstep.

The self-developed engine soon proved to be extremely prone to defects; the numerous complaints put the company in serious financial jeopardy. A rescue attempt was made with the model Facel III.

The successor to the Facellia was equipped with a reliable four-cylinder engine from Volvo, solving the quality issues at Facel. In the end, 625 units of the Facel III were produced, including 192 convertibles.

The sales brochure for the Facel III, complete with all technical specifications such as power (108 HP) and top speed (112 mph)

The official motorsport homologation of the Facel III by the French Motorsport Federation (FFSA)

For the homologation of the vehicle, Facel certifies that 100 units of the Facel III model have already been produced.

The Edition

One of the last of the 192 Facel III convertibles, nearly 60 years later, finds its way into the car upholstery shop of Boris Pankiewicz, where the original black interior is replaced with a new, cream-colored one.

The interior material of the beautifully preserved dark red 1964 Facel Vega shortly afterwards ends up at BandWerk, where it is revived as the Vega Special Edition.

The band design pays homage to the car itself, which impresses not only with its extraordinary silhouette but also with an unparalleled interior.

The next chapter

On October 31, 1964, Facel permanently ceased its operations. The flawed engine of the Facellia left such a dent in the company's finances and reputation that the business could not continue.

Even though the French carmaker only brought a few thousand vehicles onto the road, the brand has not been forgotten. The association Amicale Facel Vega takes care of preserving the existing vehicles and coordinates events for fans of the brand.

With the Vega Special Edition, you acquire a piece of this extraordinary legacy. The band will be available online from November 19, 2023, from at 2 PM ET / 11 AM PT.