Everything on sale – BEST PRICES HERE – Everything must go, the pre-Christmas season starts again with unique promises (sorry: offers), almost every online retailer joins in and offers incredible specials.

Except for us.

In general, there are no discount promotions and super special offers, and there will not be any in the future either.


The answer to this question is so diverse that I want to go a little deeper.

When I founded BandWerk in the summer of 2015, I could not imagine how successful we would be with the company eventually.

Regardless, it has always been important to me to never lose sight of my original values. Namely: to connect high-quality German leather workmanship with the Apple Watch and offer the result at a reasonable price.

If I stand to that claim and say our offers are appropriate, wouldn’t offering special discounted prices be absurd and render the initial claim to be incorrect?

And does this not mean, conversely, that any vendor who offers his products on Black Friday as a super special deal previously sells the product at a non-reasonable price?

“Black Friday”

I would like to devote myself once to the wonderful “holiday”, which has also received more and more attention in Germany in recent years.

The day after the American Thanksgiving holiday, which causes death and injury every year (for reference, at least three people died in connection with Black Friday purchases in 2016).

Mile-long queues form in front of numerous US electronics stores, because none of the customers want to miss out on one of the supposedly good deals.

I wonder: What does that say about the value of the products when you have to wait for discounts to make a good deal? Is it still worthwhile to buy products that are currently not on special offer?

The prices then seem arbitrary. Can I still buy anything with a clear conscience in a consumer culture in which prices no longer reflect the value of their product? I do not think so.

Black Friday in Germany

In Germany, the term “Black Friday” is particularly difficult: German online retailers can not easily use the term Black Friday for sales campaigns.

The company Super Union Holding Ltd. has the term Black Friday registered in Germany as a trademark and can sue for companies using this term.

The Munich based company Black Friday GmbH has exclusive rights of use of the term. If you want to use the brand name, you have to ask for a cooperation.

German craftsmanship – German service

We know that our customers value elaborate, traditional craftsmanship and service. In return, we value the trust placed in us.

Therefore, anyone who buys a strap at BandWerk today will not have to be annoyed that it will be offered at a discounted price tomorrow, or in a month or a year. Our prices are fixed, and they will stay that way.

Technically, every day is “black” or “cyber” with us, we just do not have to use these terms to artificially convey a discount impression.

5 thoughts on “Casual Friday: If it’s on sale today it was too expensive before

  1. anastasioskouris says:

    Just received alligator band! Wonderfully made! As also the packaging, the information, the Milanese band! Thank y!

  2. Halid says:

    Well, I hear and understand your point, but we can look at it the other way. Let’s say that your product is 100€ and your profit margin is 50% on your product (just a random number). As you are not a charity organization, ofcourse you want to earn money, in this fictional case 50€ per item. It is holiday season, you feel in a mood to “give back” to your customers by saying “Hey, I’m in a holiday mood, here is 20% discount out of my profit for you, as a gift”. I don’t see why would your customers be angry or feel annoyed, I know I never did. If they will be angry that they see it discounted, they can not buy your product and they automatically get 100% discount.
    Just my 2 cents, have a nice holidays 😉

    • bandwerk.de says:

      Hi Halid,

      thank you very much for your feedback, I appreciate it.
      Your point surely is valid for most companies in the luxury accessory business, yet we’ve never worked with particularly large profit margins, but instead have always focused on creating the best value for money.

      The only way to actually offer the type of deals you are proposing would be going up in prices for the remaining 364 days of the year and then giving a “discount” for one day, in order to give customers the impression they making a good deal. Instead we always want to offer the best possible deal on our products and we’re not waiting for a particular day to offer it.

      Lastly I would like to point out, that BandWerk currently employs a team of 16 people working zealously to create a great product and a great experience for our customers and they all deserve their fair share, as well as the craftsmen in our Italian tanneries who tirelessly and reliably deliver great materials.

      We don’t want to compromise at any point of the production chain so here we are. I believe there are a lot of people who can appreciate the craftsmanship and energy that goes into these products – and there are some people who choose not to and there are some alternatives for them too. I’m happy to discuss this philosophy with anyone interested, so feel free to email me at my personal business address vincent.wronski@bandwerk.de

      Happy holidays to you too, Halid and have a great weekend!

      Kind regards,

      • Halid says:

        Yeah, definitely, I am just saying that it doesn’t need to mean that the product was too expensive before discount, I just say it *might* mean that company is giving up % of profit for some special day, whether it is Black Friday, cyber monday, thanksgiving, new year, or just special day for company and that is their way of celebrating.

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