Proper care for your Leather Strap

In order to enjoy your leather strap for a long time, you should follow a few simple tips and instructions. With proper care, your natural product will not only continue to be pleasant after years, but will also develop a distinctive patina – as a unique witness to the time on your wrist.

General leather care measures

Leather has been used for thousands of years to make clothes and jewelery.
It has proven to be tough and does not need to be overprotected. Do not waste too much time on leather care, because it’s easy to accidentally overdo it. One thing in advance: You shouldn’t treat your leather with additional leather grease more than once every six months, since that may damage the material.

Leather and moisture don’t make a great couple. Make sure your Apple Watch Strap does not get wet and keep it in rooms where humidity is moderate. Should it get wet, dab the leather surface with a dry cloth and avoid rubbing it.

In addition, it is recommended to remove the leather strap during sporty activities or to switch it with a waterproof band. Thus, the inner leather remains free of large amounts of sweat and it is avoided that moisture penetrates deeper leather layers.

If you want to clean your leather product, we recommend using a mild leather care, such as Collonil Organic Bamboo Lotion. Alternatively, we recommend Collonil Organic Protect and Care, which additionally impregnates the leather. Both care products go without chemical ingredients and are particularly skin-friendly. Please use a soft, undyed cloth to apply.

Care for alligator leather

Alligator leather is particularly sensitive to moisture and heat, which can damage the scale structure of the leather.

If the leather comes in contact with moisture, you should dab it carefully with a dry cloth. We recommend to abstain from any cleansing creams or dubbings that may cause stains on your product.

Clean and care for Shell Cordovan leather

Shell Cordovan is relatively low maintenance. It is inherently impervious to splashing water and can withstand scratches and damage very well.

Since the leather contains a lot of leather grease itself, additional dubbing by hand is not recommended. For cleaning, we recommend nothing more than a soft, slightly damp cloth.

How to clean and maintain Apple Watch Straps made of water resistant leather

BandWerk's waterproof leather is a specially treated genuine leather. The strap can easily be worn while swimming in fresh and salt water, but should then always be rinsed under running water.

We generally advise against the use of cleaning and impregnation agents in order to prevent the hydrophobic characteristics of the leather from being impaired.

Each BandWerk order is accompanied by a small care booklet, which informs you about the special features of each type of leather.
If you have further questions shoot us an email or give us call, we are happy to assist you.