Screen Protector Installation

Screen Protector Installation

Step by Step

Step by Step

Thanks to the practical applicator, the BandWerk screen protector can be installed in just a few steps:

Step 1 – Clean the screen

First, clean the iPhone screen with the included wet wipe. Then dry the surface with the enclosed microfiber cloth.

Grains of dust that remain on the display, can be removed with one of the enclosed anti-dust stickers.

Step 2 – Place iPhone in applicator box

Open the applicator box and place your device in the dedicated recess. Before closing the box, check the display again for dirt and dust.

Make sure the screen protector remains securely in the lid of the box.

Step 3 – Remove backing film

Then pull evenly on the tab of the carrier film, to remove it completely from the case of the box. Do not exert any pressure on the box from above!

Once the carrier film is completely removed, you can apply some pressure to the protective glass with a finger at the lower end of the recess. Repeat this step a few inches further up until you've worked your way to the top of the recess.

Open the applicator box and remove the top backing film.

Step 4 – Remove air pockets

Use the spatula to remove any remaining air pockets on the edges.

If you have any questions or comments about our screen protector, you can reach us at any time at or at +1 888-683-4938.

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