The Honolulu Collection

The Honolulu Collection

Our upcycling collection made from SEAQUAL® YARN – a sustainable, high-tech material that helps rid our oceans of plastic waste.

According to WWF estimates, 19 to 23 million tons of plastic waste end up in the world's waters every year. This waste destroys the natural basis of existence for marine life and thus endangers entire ecosystems.

The SEAQUAL® INITIATIVE - a global community of NGOs, fishermen, researchers, scientists and government agencies - has made it its mission to clean up our oceans and coasts.

The idea: The waste collected by environmental protection organizations and private initiatives around the world is processed by certified manufacturers into a high-tech polyester yarn: SEAQUAL® YARN.

A second life for plastic waste

The Upcycling Process

For the production of textiles from SEAQUAL® YARN, the marine litter must first be collected by hand on beaches or directly from the sea with nets. To make this happen, the SEAQUAL® INITIATIVE works with local authorities, volunteers and fishermen.

The waste is then sorted into different material types. The plastic content is cleaned and converted into SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC in certified facilities.

Finally, this MARINE PLASTIC is processed together with other recycled components by specialized manufacturers in Spain into fibers, which are finally woven into textiles as SEAQUAL® YARN, for example.

Extremely versatile

The Watch Band

BandWerk watch bands made of SEAQUAL® YARN are completely waterproof and are therefore ideal as an all-round wristband for everyday office life, as well as for sporting activities including swimming.

The strap is available in six different colors so that it goes perfectly with every watch and every outfit.

100% Vegan

Sustainable Resources

Not only the outer material of our SEAQUAL straps is smart and sustainable. For the inner material, we use AppleSkin™, an ecological leather alternative that is made from leftovers from the food industry.

Specifically, the cores and skins of apples from the Italian Alps are processed into a powder. This powder then replaces oil derivatives such as polyurethane in the creation of a vegan, leather-like material.

The Mission

An Apple Watch strap made of SEAQUAL® YARN alone does not offer a solution to the global plastic crisis we are facing, no question. We believe however, that it is an important step in the right direction.

In total, the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE has already rid our oceans of over 200 tons of plastic waste and we are proud to be able to make a small contribution and help that number increase day by day.

In addition to our selection of watch bands from the Honolulu collection, you will find hundreds of other smaller and bigger brands that work with the pioneering material on the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE website. Become part of a global community helping to free our rivers and seas of plastic waste.

Please note: SEAQUAL® YARN consists of approximately 10% SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC (from marine litter) and 90% post-consumer PET from land-based sources. The SEAQUAL INITIATIVE estimates that for every 1 kg of SEAQUAL® YARN, at least half a kilo of marine litter is collected from water and fed into the respective material cycle, including contaminants such as old fishing nets and electronic waste, which cannot be processed into SEAQUAL® YARN. Learn more on the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE website.