The leather of the Special Edition Visionär comes from the interior of a 1986 Porsche 911 G-Series. The band is limited to 179 pieces and comes with an edition of the exclusive, illustrated Visionary magazine.



Each strap of the special edition is absolutely unique. Some bands are made from the perforated seats of the vehicle and carry a special perforation. Other pieces have different characteristics.

No strap of this edition is exactly like yours.

Together with this special edition you will receive a copy of the limited edition magazine Visionaries. The magazine shows the career paths and the parallels of the heads behind Porsche and Apple using hand-drawn illustrations.

Special detail: The number of your strap is also noted at the top left corner on the cover of your personal magazine.

Chapter 1: Where would we be today without unreason?

Apple might not exist without a pack of Cap’N Crunch cereal today. Find out why in this chapter.

Chapter 2: Where would we be today without stubbornness?

While Porsche makes the 911 the most successful motor sports car ever built, Steve Jobs hardheadedly sticks to his concept of the original iPhone.

Chapter 3: Where would we be today without the constant urge to improve

The Porsche 911 is now in its eighth generation, the iPhone in its twelfth. The products of the two companies Apple and Porsche have been consistently improved over the past years without losing the spirit of the first years.

Special Edition Visionär

179 € / $199 / £159

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