The Porsche 911 (964)

Just like the special edition Pullman this bracelet is limited to only 49 pieces.

The Porsche 911, Type 964 came on the market in 1989 and replaced the legendary G-model. With updated features such as ABS and power steering it should be suitable for everyday use.

The advertising agency “Jung von Matt” came up with the slogan:

“You can have breakfast longer. You are back for dinner earlier. Is there a better family car? “

Good arguments for a 250 hp dream car.

How we make our vintage car special editions

The Special Event at the BandWerk Showroom

For the first time a special edition will not be available online.
We cordially invite you to visit our special event at the BandWerk showroom on July 19th and 20th..

Additionally we serve delicious organic ice cream from our neighbor Bartu.

We are looking forward to your visit.