Whether for business or pleasure, by bus, train or plane: travelling often comes with a lot of efforts. In doing so, we want to avoid stress as much as possible before the holiday or an important business appointment.

It’s all the better when we have the perfect companion with the Apple Watch. The watch offers some helpful solutions from the beginning. For others, there are now very helpful apps in the store.
The Apple Watch has already accompanied us through several miles. We would like to introduce you to the apps and functions that we enjoyed on the go.

1. Wallet

Here’s what’s great: Wallet is pre-installed on your Apple Watch. At the same time, the app is definitely our number 1 tip for travelers. Use Wallet to manage your tickets for flights, buses and trains. To do this, you usually only need to click on an appropriate link in an email or scan a QR code with your iPhone.
Once the tickets are in Wallet, you can usually access them comfortably. The highlight: The app uses GPS data and matches the current time with your tickets so that they can appear on the screen at the right time in the right place without your intervention. When boarding your aircraft, you only have to tap the screen and the boarding pass will appear.

2. Sprechen & Übersetzen

With just under 15 euros
it is not exactly cheap for an app, but which is immensely helpful especially in regions whose language you are not very good at. Select input and target language (for example, German and English) and enter the desired text into your Apple Watch.
The text is then translated into the target language and output via the loudspeaker (speech output is not available for all languages). This can be very helpful especially when boarding taxis. Of course, the app relies on the data network for translations, so it can only be used abroad with a data plan.

3. Wohin?

Also paid for but very affordable at a price of just under €3: Where?
Discover your destination with your Apple Watch: restaurants, cafes and attractions near you are clearly displayed with the help of Where?
The app allows you to read reviews, show offers and opening times, and forward the data directly to a navigation app of your choice, if you decide on a location.

4. DB Navigator


DB Navigator is a beautifully designed app and must not be left out of this list. It notifies you whenever you need to get on board to avoid missing your train and you do not have to worry about when and where you need to change trains.
The app notifies you on a timely basis and shows you the remaining time. You can also book train tickets directly and retrieve your mobile phone ticket on the corresponding iPhone app. This way, you can save or print out your ticket and always have your documents at hand.

5. Citymapper

If you like to explore new places with public transport, Citymapper is the right app for you: Enter your destination and let Citymapper easily navigate you with public transport. The app shows you exactly where and when you need to get in and out in order to get to your destination as quickly as possible.
How long you have to wait at the next subway or the next bus stop will of course be communicated to you through the Apple Watch. Currently, the app does not support all major German cities. So far, it supports Cologne, Düsseldorf, Berlin and Hamburg; Munich is unfortunately not yet incorporated in the app, so we could not test the app in detail.
Citymapper currently supports 39 international cities. So if you are planning a city tour soon, there is a good chance you would use Citymapper.

6. Apps from airlines

Many airlines offer their own Apple Watch Apps which inform you about the current status of your flight and provide your tickets just like DB Navigator.
We recommend that you checkout the airline’s app before your next flight. Finding the right terminal and gate is known to be one of the most annoying issues at an unknown airport. Download the app of your airline and get the necessary support.
Currently, Lufthansa, airberlin, easyJet, British Airways and Air France offer appropriate apps for Apple Watch.

Conclusion: Whether you are a heavy-user or a casual user, the Apple Watch bears its full strength while traveling. If you are already an Apple Watch user, you should not miss the luxury that Apple Watch offers to travelers.

Image contribution with designs by Freepik and www.flaticon.com 

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