Shortly after Apple announced the date for the upcoming “Apple Special Event” today and the accompanying presentation of new products for September 12, two surprising articles appeared on the tech blog 9to5Mac.

The bloggers Zac Hall and Guilherme Rambo to have detailed information on the upcoming Apple Watch, as well as the upcoming iPhone Xs leaked to them. In our experience, the information from 9to5Mac are usually very reliable, leaks dubious sources are – if they are even published – clearly marked as such.

In this case, however, the authors seem to be very sure: The information is basically ironclad.

Same Case – Larger Screen

This is not a MockUp (according to 9to5Mac)

Accordingly, the Apple Watch Series 4 will keep the known form factor and at the same time receive a much larger display.

Clearly recognizable is the impressive watch face, which can be seen in the picture, which 9to5Mac obtained.

The complications (the small widgets on the dial) extend into the corners of the screen glass.

Also interesting are the small changes to the housing. The small round opening between the crown and side button (2) is probably an additional microphone, according to 9to5Mac.

The crown now has a new round stripe on the outer edge (1). Whether it’s just a design feature (like the Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular with the red dot) or possibly an actual functionality feature (such as a new sensor) is still unclear.

“Old” watch bands will still fit

Fans of the original watch bands can breathe a sigh of relief: since the case of the new watch does not change, all existing straps will continue to be compatible.

If you already have a band collection for the Apple Watch Series 1 – 3, it will also fit the new watch.

What do you think of the look of the new Apple Watch Series 4? Leave us a comment.

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