There are now a lot of peripherals for the Apple Watch. If you like to supplement your watch with various gadgets, you can find some on the Internet.

But what is reasonable and what is just a waste money?

We present the most popular accessories and tell you what we think of them:

1. Apple Watch Docks

Apple Watch charging stations also called docks are now available in many shapes and sizes.

In general, they offer a visually nice alternative to the simple cable solution. However, before you buy, you should carefully consider which variant will be best for you:

If your watch needs to be clearly visible at night or on a desk when charging, a charging station which also supports the Watch’s alarm clock mode is recommended.

This is only activated when the watch is horizontally aligned on the charger.

You can get a simple charging dock for about 10 €. A higher-quality variant like the German made wooden Klee-Dock is available for about 50 €.

Klee Dock

Beware: an Apple Watch Dock scarcely comes with the proper cable, but it must be used with the cable that came with the watch. So if you want an additional charging station, an extra cable is necessary: ​​Apple offers this at 35 € which is also quite an expense.

2. Protective cover and protective film

When it comes to the cases or covers for the Apple Watch, minds are divided. For some, they exceed the limit of good taste, for others, they are an absolute must.

Protective covers in various designs can be found on relevant online mail-order retailers, but their benefits are not without controversy: in a forum, we found the comments of a disgruntled user who had found out that fine dust and sand had accumulated between the housing and the cover over the course of time and had caused more damage than if the watch had been worn without the cover.

In general, small scratches on the Apple Watch’s stainless steel case can be polished out.

Our personal opinion: Have you ever seen someone wearing his Rolex, Omega or another luxury watch with a bumper or protective cover? There is a good reason why protective covers have not yet had a market in the watch industry: they hardly have any comprehensible benefits and are not quite beautiful.

3. Apple Watch Bands

Watchstraps for the Apple Watch are of course the most popular accessories for Apple Watch owners.

There are some criteria to consider depending on which occasion you wear your Apple Watch:

As a rule, a watchstrap which is water-repellent is suitable for sport. Since dirt and sweat can be washed off easily after training and your watchstrap stays hygienic and clean.

The selection is less restricted if you need to wear it to the office, most simple watchstraps made of leather or metal are ideal for such purpose.

However, the rule of thumb is also true especially in the case of leather watchstraps: he who buys cheap, buys twice. The leather should also be vegetable (plant) tanned to avoid skin irritation. On the other hand, the potentially harmful chromium tanning process is often employed on cheaper watchstraps.

Lastly, you should pay special attention to the good fit of the adapters used for leather watchstraps.

Classic and simple leather watchstraps in black, dark brown or light brown are mainly suitable for formal occasions. The ostrich leather watchstrap in particular makes you assert a classic statement.

Strauß - Braun von BandWerk

Ostrich Brown by BandWerk

Does the adapter fit tightly into the housing and does it also match the Apple Watch colorwise? Often, the adapters are only available in silver or have a lot of color play. BandWerk tests each adapter individually and uses only parts that also match the corresponding color variant of the Apple Watch.

4. Headphones

Just like the new iPhone 7, the Apple Watch does not have the standard headphone jack. However, it is possible to connect a Bluetooth headphone to your watch.

It is preferable to pair Bluetooth headsets directly with your Apple Watch and transfer your music library to the Apple Watch especially during sports. There is at least 4 GB of storage space available for this purpose. This means enough music for longer sports trips.

Since the release of the new Apple Watch Series 2, you can now track sporting activities through its inbuilt GPS receiver without the iPhone connection. It is therefore worthwhile to purchase a Bluetooth headset for sports. Unfortunately, we could not test the brand new Apple AirPods yet.


AirPods von Apple

AirPods from Apple

We can now already express our warmest recommendations for the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H5.


Accessories for the Apple Watch are versatile and the offer is sometimes confusing. However, if you take a closer look, you can quickly separate the wheat from the chaff. The right accessory is perhaps the perfect gift for an Apple Watch fan: and if you can’t find anything in the short term, a voucher will also do.

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